Frequently Asked Questions


What materials do you use in the manufacture of your products?

What is your production method?

Where do you produce your products?

Could I buy products on site, the day of an event?

Will material (special markers, etc.) be available for personalities to sign during events?


How long does it take to receive my package?

How much is shipping ?

Is delivery available worldwide?

Are all items in an order always shipped together?

How can I track my order?

Can I have my order delivered to a PO Box?

What should I do if the estimated delivery time has passed and I still haven't received my order?

Will I receive my products before the date of the event?


What should I do if I encountered a problem with my product?

What should I do if I entered a wrong delivery address?

What should I do if I have not claimed / received my package?

Are there products that I cannot return?

What if my product is the wrong size?

How do I return a package?

Can I get a refund if I haven't received my products before the event date?

What should I do if I have remorse?


What is this 10% that you mention on your site?

What are the associations to which you donate your 10% of profits?


What are the payment options available ?

Loyalty Points & Gift Cards

Can I use my loyalty points obtained through my ticket purchases?

Can I use my gift card obtained through my ticket purchases?